Adoption fee

Adoption fee of Persians and breed cats are R1200, includes sterilization. Some other breeds are R800. Adoption cost also depends on what my vet charges at the time of adoption.

Kittens fee – Includes Sterilization+ 2 sets of x inoculations  and deworming: amount is at the discretion of Joy and depends on what my vet charges at the time.  Please phone Joy for the exact amount when you are ready.

PASS-ON’S” start as “Give-away free” via many internet sites and newspapers. Don’t do this to your pet. Go to a reputable rescue organisation qualified to evaluate adoptees – if you really care. Most “give-aways” end up in townships across the border, as snake food, dog fighting, or other heartbreaking emancipated strays. Once i got a 17 year old Persian – and i was her 16th owner – what animal deserves that?

When i give you one of my “babies” a little of my heart goes too, but i love my cats enough to let them go when the right person comes along. It means you are very special if i entrust you with my cat!! After 20 years i’m a pretty good judge of character! Also if you put up with all my cross examination, house checks, etc: You must really want my cat! If you get fed up and i never hear from you again (so be it – my cat is better off without you) – the right home always comes along eventually.

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