“Give-away free”

PASS-ON’S” start as “Give-away free” via many internet sites and newspapers. Don’t do this to your pet. Go to a reputable rescue organisation qualified to evaluate adoptees – if you really care. Most “give-aways” end up in townships across the border, as snake food, dog fighting, or other heartbreaking emancipated strays. Once i got a 17 year old Persian – and i was her 16th owner – what animal deserves that?

When i give you one of my “babies” a little of my heart goes too, but i love my cats enough to let them go when the right person comes along. It means you are very special if i entrust you with my cat!! After 20 years i’m a pretty good judge of character! Also if you put up with all my cross examination, house checks, etc: You must really want my cat! If you get fed up and i never hear from you again (so be it – my cat is better off without you) – the right home always comes along eventually.

Blossom – the oldest cat in the house +/- 29 years young and still full of life